The Most Effective Way To 2-3X Your Sales & Conversion Rate Without Spending Extra Money On Traffic Or Ads

Stop blaming ads and your products on why you're not seeing results. Learn how to optimize your store to achieve new milestones, higher conversion rates and reduce abandoned carts and checkouts.

If You're Like Most People You've Tried It All...

You did your research, watched all the youtube videos you could find, bought courses, mentorships and anything else that promised you that life you've always desired.

Even though you followed everything to a T: your ads have never been profitable, the products have never been winners and the add-to-carts have always been low or too many compared to the amount of sales.

Truth is - we've ALL been there. Although it might seem like it, every success story you hear online hides a THOUSAND mistakes and the biggest mistake the rich don't want you to know you're making is disregarding your conversion rate.

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    This is not your fault. Although you've been led to believe that you should focus all your efforts on gaining leads rather than getting sales, that's simply not true.

    Think about it logically - Would Apple prefer for 1000 people to walk into their store and buy nothing or for 1 person to go in the store and buy themselves a brand new iPhone?

    Hell, if you've been running ads for a long time you're most likely already better at gaining traffic than you need to be.

    So why has your bank account been on a permanent down-trend since you started? YOUR STORE!

    Your unoptimized store is the problem.

    Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE focuses on optimizing their ads, all for that one click to get someone on their website yet they all fail to realize that the clicks that hold real value are on their store. 


    Your store is a bucket and unfortunately for you - that bucket has many holes. Imagine a constant stream of water being poured into the bucket and your ONLY goal in life is to keep the bucket full for as long as possible, how would you reach that goal? By patching up the holes right?

    Well that water is your traffic and those holes - YOUR NON-CONVERTING CUSTOMERS. No matter the power of the stream going into the bucket, if you don't patch the holes you will never reach your goal... Same thing applies to your traffic. You have all these different issues that seem minor on paper BUT - when they add up, the results are DEVASTATING. 

    When You Start Patching The Leaks on Your Store, Growing and Scaling Becomes Easy

    When you do this right:

    check_circle Your store will convert better.

    check_circle Ad platforms will optimize your ads better.

    check_circle Your traffic will get cheaper.

    check_circle You will be able to ACTUALLY scale.

    Product Page Optimization Tweaks

    Cart Page/Drawer Optimizations

    Shopify Checkout Page Optimizations

    Homepage Optimizations

    Addressing Customers FUD’s (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubts)

    Homepage & Collection Page Optimization

    Newsletter Popups Do's & Don'ts

    Lucky Orange Mini Course

    My 60+ Page PDF Store Optimization Blueprint Guide

    Plus Much More

    What You Will Get:

    20+ Videos, PDFs, Access to Discord Group, Plus Help With Any Questions.

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      The Intro

      - The introduction of the course.

      - About me and my experience & knowledge with ecommerce.

      - Why this course is different compared to other ecom/dropshipping courses.

      - Best practices.

      Before Getting Started

      - App & tool recommendations before getting started on optimizing.

       - Why you need these apps & tools.

      - Text fonts and size recommendations.

      Homepage Optimizations

      How to optimize your homepage and have a high converting layout to get visitors into your buying funnel and adding perceived value to your store. Plus other topics such as your header, top shipping bar, footer, newsletter & menus.

       Collection Page Optimizations

      How to optimize your collection pages & learning the main purpose of the collection page when you have multiple products.

      Product Page Optimizations

      How to optimize, build & layout your product pages to increase conversions and reduce bounce rates. Plus other topics like the image gallery carousel, the buy section (Add to cart button, review stars, variants etc.) reviews section, unique value propositions & what not to have on your product pages plus much more.

      Important Information On Your Product Pages & Store

      What to do with important information and what not to do plus other optimization tweaks that you can implement on your store.

      Cart Page/Drawer Optimizations

      How to optimize & layout your cart to increase conversions, reduce abandoned carts (why your cart is the second most important page on your store), what not to have on your cart plus much more. 

      Shopify Checkout Page Optimizations

      How to optimize and tweak your checkout page to increase conversions, reduce abandoned checkouts, reduce customer friction, express checkout tweaks + my secret checkout language 'hacks' that gives your store a unique experience (You won't find this anywhere else).

      Addressing Customers FUD’s (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubts)

      Eliminate any reasons to not pull the trigger and purchase from your store. Common issues like:

      If you see many people adding to cart but not completing their purchase.

      Customers abandoning their checkout and not coming back.

      And if people are landing on your store but not clicking add to cart. 

      Newsletter Popups

      What to do and what NOT to do with your newsletter popups.

      Lucky Orange Mini Course

      How to use lucky orange, different things to look for when viewing session recordings to better optimize and improve your conversions and decreasing drop offs. Also tagging your site up for events.

      The Store Optimization Blueprint Course


      You Will Get Instant Access

      Step by Step Guide To Optimize Your Store (20+ videos)

      My 60+ Page PDF Store Optimization Blueprint Guide

      Custom Optimized Shopify Theme (Within the discord)

      Lifetime Access + Updates

      The Store Optimization Blueprint Course + One 1 On 1 Call


      Includes everything from The Store Optimization Blueprint Course

      1 on 1 call going very in detail reviewing/auditing your store and answering any questions you might have to better improve & optimize your store page by page. We will also go over your stores analytics to see where customers are 'leaking' from. ($150 Call Value)

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What makes this course different from all the other shopify or dropshipping courses?

        Well let's get this straight, This isn't a "Shopify Dropshipping Course".

        The reality is that most of these other ecom or dropshipping gurus mainly talk about facebook, tik tik ads, finding winning or trending products and topics like this where they skip or talk very little about the importance of creating and building a high converting store with store optimization. I have over 8 years of experience within the ecommerce space and know what works and what doesn't from working with many store owners.

        Is this Beginner Friendly?

        Yes! This course is mainly made for people who've been in ecom/dropshipping for a while that haven't seen the results they want however it is Beginner Friendly. If you need help or have any questions please feel free to contact me.

        I don't dropship, is this still for me?

        Yes! This course works for all ecommerce stores not just dropshipping stores. Store optimization works on all stores.

        Will You Update The Course After Release?

        Yes! I'll be polling & asking questions, and feedback to gauge everyone's satisfaction with the content, and adjust things as necessary.

        What's the refund policy?

        Due it being a digital product, all sales are final. There are no refunds. However I'm more than willing to help you out with your store if you're not seeing results.